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GX390 GCU Package Portable 8 Gallon Tank Parts Breakdown

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For Products Built Prior To 10-2015
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Item Number Parts Descriptions Part Number
1 Manual petcock tank drain IAT-BDC604-04
2 8 gallon wheel barrow style tank IAT-12-0202
3 GX390 Electric start Honda engine IAT-GX390
4 Engine drive pulley IAT-2-3V4.12
5 Engine throttle control IAT-TCSP-H-1113-B
6 Drive pulley mounting hub IAT-LPH1
7 Compressor cooling fan IAT-S017
8 Air/Oil cooler IAT-R-14366
9 Oil cooling line IAT-HYD-36
10 Oil cooling line IAT-HYD-36
11 Airend sump safety valve IAT-ST25-200
12 Airend air intake filter element IAT-GCU11AF
13 Compressor drive belt Compressor drive belt
14 Airend drive pulley Airend drive pulley
15 Drive pulley mounting hub Drive pulley mounting hub
16 Airend separator Airend separator
17 High air temperature shutdown High air temperature shutdown
18 Airend oil filter Airend oil filter
19 Secondary oil temperature switch Secondary oil temperature switch
20 Battery box Battery box
21 Battery Battery
22 Oil line connection fitting Oil line connection fitting
23 ½ pipe T ½ pipe T
24 Air line (Airend to cooler) Air line (Airend to cooler)
25 Air discharge fitting Air discharge fitting
26 Wheel Wheel
27 Oil temperature switch/gauge Oil temperature switch/gauge
28 High pressure limit switch High pressure limit switch
29 ¼ pipe Cross ¼ pipe Cross
30 Pressure/Throttle control valve Pressure/Throttle control valve
31 ¼ pipe T ¼ pipe T
32 Tank Safety valve Tank Safety valve
33 Operating pressure gauge Operating pressure gauge
34 Operating pressure switch Operating pressure switch
Part numbers subject to change/update always consult factory prior to ordering.