Industrial Gold
Item Number Parts Descriptions Part Number
1 Manual petcock tank drain IAT-BDC604-04
2 60 gallon vertical 200 psi MWP tank IAT-300560-R
3 Tank discharge port IAT-PF2X34
4 inch pipe cross IAT-PF1/4CROSS
5 200 psi safety valve IAT-ST25-200
6 Operating pressure switch IAT-LF17-1H1
7 Reciprocating pump mounting bolts IAT-3/8X2
8 Oil sight glass IAT-CA-731005
9 Reciprocating compressor pump IAT-LDV95T
10 Discharge elbow IAT-LDV95T-DEL
11 Belt guard IAT-BG5X20X32EU
12 Reciprocating pump air filter element IAT-LD95TAF
13 Compressor drive belt IAT-A58
14 Compressor electric drive motor IAT-B384
15 Electric motor drive pulley IAT-MA45X7/8
16 Compressor operation gauge IAT-PSB20
Part numbers subject to change/update always consult factory prior to ordering.