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15hp Open Rotary Screw NK62 120 Gallon Horizontal

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15hp Open Rotary Screw NK62 120 Gallon Horizontal
Item Number Parts Descriptions 15hp 208-230-460
1 Electronic automatic tank drain IAT-ET2523
2 ¼ pipe nipple IAT-PF1/4NIP
3 ¼ pipe cross IAT-PF1/4CROSS
4 Operating pressure gauge IAT-PSB20
5 ¼ pipe 90 degree street elbow IAT-PF1/4STR90
6 High pressure limit switch IAT-LF10-1H3
7 Electric motor adjustable tensioning base IAT-254-D
8 Electric drive motor IAT-EM2333T
9 Electric drive motor pulley IAT-3-3V14
10 Compressor cooling fan IAT-026041C441
11 Drive motor pulley mounting hub AIT-SK15/8
12 Air/oil cooler IAT-R-14274
13 Oil cooling line IAT-HYD-48
14 Oil cooling line IAT-HYD-48
15 Belt guard IAT-BG5X20X32
16 Compressor drive belt IAT-3R3VX670
17 Airend drive pulley IAT-3-3V4.12
18 Airend air filter element IAT-NK62AF
19 Airend IAT-NK62
20 Airend sump safety valve IAT-ST25-200
21 Airend separator IAT-NK62SE
22 High air temperature switch IAT-20TE2504-2
23 Air cooling line (airend to cooler) IAT-HYD-36
24 Airend oil filter IAT-NK62OF
25 Secondary temperature switch IAT-20TE2504-2
26 Electric control enclosure IAT-AB18168HCC500
27 On/Off Switch IAT-M22M-WKV
28 Motor starter IAT-A30CRE
29 Smart contactor IAT-FL1E-H12RCC
30 Emergency stop button IAT-M22M-DRP-R-K01
31 120 gallon horizontal tank IAT-300561
32 Air cooling line (cooler to tank) IAT-HYD-36
33 Operating pressure switch IAT-9013FHG42
Part numbers subject to change/update always consult factory prior to ordering.