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    Who We Are

    Industrial Gold was founded in 1980 as an industrial tool and equipment distribution company known as BS Trading. In a short period of time the owners of BS Trading Company found it could manufacture air compressors that were easier to use and operate than those that it was selling. They began by producing compressors from 3-15hp in the early 1980’s moving to larger sizes by 1990.

    In the early 1990’s IG began manufacturing our rotary screw compressors with Bauer/Rotorcomp airends out of Germany because of the reputation they have for extreme reliability. During the first part of the 2000’s IG purchased a compressor pump manufacturing facility in Dafeng, China. By doing this, IG was able to control the parts and pieces as well as testing being done on the reciprocating compressor pumps. We source parts from all over the world for the production of our pumps. Our compressor valves components come from Sweden, our bearings and gaskets materials come from the United States and Japan. Over the years IG has grown from production of a few hundred compressor packages per year to thousands of compressor packages per year from 1-300 hp ranges.

    During the last thirty plus years IG has grown exponentially due to great support from all of its distributors across the globe. IG products are sold on every continent except Antarctica.