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Compressor Service Guidelines

Reciprocating Compressors

The most common service on a reciprocating compressor is changing the oil. If it is done by the manual, and the right oil is used, you will have a longer lasting better performing reciprocating compressor. The oil in reciprocating compressors should be changed every 500hrs or 3 months. The standard oil for reciprocating compressors is a 30 weight non-detergent. While a non-synthetic will work fine, a full synthetic is recommended to deal with the harsh environment of a reciprocating compressor pump where oil temperatures can go over 300 degrees F (Just as a guide line, 500hrs on a vehicle is roughly 15,000 miles of driving, with temperatures around 210 degrees F). We recommend using only CAS oil in your compressor to ensure it is always running the right fluid. The other major component is the air intake filter. The life on this is dependent on the environment; the dirtier the air around the compressor, the more it will need to be changed. Typically the filter will last 3-6 months or 500-1000hrs of use. If there are ever any questions contact your authorized CAS distributor.

Rotary Screw Compressors

There are several things to service and change on rotary screw compressors. The oil filter is a 500hr part that is changed every three months or 500hrs whichever comes first. The air filter on the compressor is a 500hr part that is to be changed every 500hrs or three months whichever comes first. The oil in the compressor is good for up to 8000hrs if the compressors oil filter and air filter are serviced properly. We recommend using only CAS oil in your compressor to ensure it is always running the right fluid. The separator is a 2000hr part to be changed once a year or every 2000hrs whichever comes first. Rotary screw compressors compress air through their oil so it is critical to the machine that all filters are serviced on schedule to ensure proper life span of the compressor. We recommend that the oil be changed at a one year interval to make sure the unit is always running clean fresh oil. If there are ever any questions, please contact CAS or your authorized CAS distributor.