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Industrial GoldQuality Compressors at a Great Price.

Compressor/Generator/Welder/Jumpstart Combinations

Industrial Gold engine driven compressors provide power on the go. Available in gas or diesel driven models, portable, tank or basemount.

Reciprocating Compressor Combination Packages

Industrial Duty air compressors for maintenance trucks, service fleets or technicians that need to save space and weight. With power to run 1-inch impact wrenches combined with generators, welders or jump starters in the field or on the job site, this is what you need when you need to get the job done


Rotary Screw Compressor & Generator Combinations

Rotary Screw Compressor & Generator Combos are an invaluable tool for any contractor or municipality. These self-contained systems units provide power and airflow for a variety of air tools and power tools, electrical lights and more. Built with long-lasting and efficient IG Rotary Screw Compressors and driven by diesel motors. Available with generators up to 50 KW.