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Engine Driven Reciprocating Compressor Maintenance

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You should always contact an authorized service center before attempting to fix or repair your air compressor

Warning: To avoid personal injury, always turn drive engine key off and remove from compressor, relive all air pressure from the system, also disconnect the battery power connections before starting any service or maintenance on the compressor


  1. Drain the Receiver- condensation will accumulate in the tank daily, and should be drained at least once a day. This is done to reduce corrosions of the tank from the inside. Always wear protective eyewear when draining the tank.
  2. Check Pump Oil Level- All units have a sight glass the oil level non running units should be no lower than ½ way on the sight glass if it is lower then you need to add oil until it is at least ½ way up the sight glass.
  3. Check unit for any unusual noise or vibrations


  1. Clean air filter: this will ensure that no dirt or heavy particulate makes its way into the compressors valve assemblies
  2. Clean external parts of compressor and electric motor: this helps to ensure proper cooling and prevents rust and corrosion on critical parts
  3. Check safety Valves: this is don’t to ensure they are not stuck in place and operating properly


  1. Inspect complete air system for leaks: this is done to make sure the compressor does not get out of its duty cycle due to air leak in the system
  2. Inspect Oil for Contamination: this is done to ensure that harmful deposits do not build up in the oil
  3. Check belt tension: this is done to ensure the belt do not fail prematurely, tighten them as needed to ensure they do not slip

Every 3 months:

  1. Change Oil: this is done to ensure that the compressor has proper oil level and that the oil in the machine does not deteriorate past factory specifications
  2. Inspect Valve assemblies: this is done to prevent premature failure and clean out and carbon that can form in older valves

Storage of Compressor:

  1. Before storing the compressor for a prolonged period of time, use a blow gun to clean all debris from compressor.
  2. Shut OFF main power and turn OFF disconnect.
  3. Drain tank pressure, clean air filter, drain old oil and replace with new oil.
  4. Cover the unit to prevent dust and moisture from collecting on the unit.