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Portable Rotary Screw Compressor Maintenance

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You should always contact an authorized service center before attempting to fix or repair your air compressor

Warning: To avoid personal injury, always turn drive engine key off and remove from compressor, relive all air pressure from the system, also disconnect the battery power connections before starting any service or maintenance on the compressor

Normal Operation


  1. Drain off condensate from the sump and check the oil level. Refill as necessary.

  2. Check for any oil leaks. Correct as necessary.

  3. On water cooled units, turn on the water.

  4. Press the start button.


  1. Make sure the compressor is fully unloaded before step

  2. Unload the compressor by closing the service valve (this is a ball or block valve) placed in the system during compressor installation between the compressor and operating airlines for service and maintenance reasons.

  3. After the unit has exhausted its contained pressure (this takes about 30 seconds) push the stop button.

Emergency Stopping

  1. Push the stop button.

  2. Pull the main disconnect, if possible.

Air Filter

The air filter is the primary protection of the compressor from harmful dirt being ingested into the oil system. It needs to be looked at periodically for clogging or holes. The period for theses inspections is dependent on the environment the machine is in. For optimum life it is recommended that an air filter restriction indicator be used. Service simply based on hours is not recommended.

Element Inspection and Replacement

  1. Switch off the unit and disconnect the power to prevent accidental starting.

  2. Allow one minute after stopping for the system to settle and the pressure to be relieved.

  3. Loosen the nut that secures the cover and remove the cover.

  4. Remove the element.

  5. Place a bright light inside the element to inspect for damage or leak holes.

  6. Inspect all gaskets and gasket contact surfaces of the housing. Correct any faulty conditions immediately.

  7. Clean the housing with a damp cloth. Do not attempt to blow out dirt with compressed air.

  8. Place a new element in the housing.

  9. Replace the cover and tighten the nut.

  10. Reset the filter indicator and the machine will be ready for operation.

  11. If the compressor is turned off before being fully unloaded it can cause the unit to discharge oil into the air filter housing causing it to stop up or become contaminated.

Oil Filter

The oil filter in the compressor system is a full flow replaceable canister type. Initially the filter should be replaced after 50 hours of operation. Then every 1000 hours or sooner as indicated by a maintenance gauge. This element protects the compressor bearings from grit and dirt ingression throughout the system. A dirty filter will cause an oil flow restriction that can result in high oil temperature and a unit shutdown.