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    24 cfm Enclosed Hydraulic Driven Compressor

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    Industrial Gold enclosed hydraulic-driven air compressors deliver extreme job-site power. Wrapped in a sound attenuating enclosure, IG enclosed compressors combine the lowest dBA levels in the industry with highest levels of reliability, efficiency and productivity available. A great fit for any mission-critical application, the 100% duty cycle assures the compressor can not be overworked. Quality compomnents, simple controls, easy maintenance and once a year oil changes make this a great solution for high-volume and high productivity environments.

    24 cfm Enclosed Hydraulic Driven Compressor
    • Features
    • 24 cfm @ 100 psi
    • 22 cfm @ 150 psi
    • All hydraulic fluid and air connections on same side
    • ASME/CRN certified safety valves
    • Bearings on both ends of crank shaft
    • IG SMART fluid control system
    • Compressor load/unload operation
    • Disk and spring valves
    • Easy to remove compressor cover
    • External NEMA 4 on/off switch
    • Heavy-duty two-stage solid cast-iron pumps
    • Hydraulic fluid flow regulator
    • Hydraulic fluid pressure regulator
    • Hydraulic fluid bypass valve
    • Intake filter silencer
    • Needle bearings and inserts on rods
    • NEMA 4 load/unload switch
    • Steel mounting plate
    • Vibration mounting pads
    • 12 volt compressor air & oil cooler pack*
    • 12 volt control system*
    • Options
    • Cold weather heating package
    • Cover color change
    • High ambient temperature cooling package
    • Hose reels
    • Hydraulic fluid cooler
    • Tank mounted
    • 24 volt operation
    • 110 volt operation
    Model cfm @ 100 psi cfm @ 150 psi Hydraulic psi Required GPM Hydraulic Flow Required Length Width Height
    H-BM22 24 22 2250 10 30 20 25
    *Cooler pack to be mounted external to compressor system. 12 Volt Control voltage connection to be supplied by vehicle/equipment compressor is mounted to.
    Do not let hydraulic fluid exceed 190F. Dimensions are representatives of package dimensions not total space required for mounting
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